October 2nd, 2022. Napoli

Out soon:




A∂22 – Venta Protesix – Splendidly Deranged                          C20









A∂23 – LKSMN – This weirdo DJ tries to make love songs C20







October 22nd, 2021. Napoli

Tiziana Salvati has made a new video for Mario’s “Idiolect”.

You can discover her work at https://tizianasalvatilab.wordpress.com/

Copies of Mario’s tape are still available to purchase via Bandcamp or by simply sending an email from here.


Octobere 3rd, 2021. San Gennaro Vesuviano (NA), Italy

Out now:

A∂21 – Mario – Idiolect C30


A∂20 – Шуга – Undo C30

Tapes can be purchased sending an email to archiviodiafonico@gmaillcom or via Bandcamp shop

New feature: youtube channel


September 28th, 2019. Ponteromito (AV), Italy

Out now:

A∂18 – Eks – Echo Courts C20

Soon available on Shop page


September 15th, 2019.  Naples, Italy

Out now on Archivio Diafonico, very proud to announce:

A∂17 – Abidjan Centrale – Cahier de Voyage en Afrique #1

Coming out next:

A∂18 – Eks – Echo Courts C20

Still Available: A∂14 – A∂15 – A∂16 plus Digital Releases you can find in the Shop.

Next concerts:  September 22th

 Compsa  @ Weird Barn Dance 2019

Both  new releases will be available physically at WBD in Sant’Agata de’Goti (BN) next weekend


February 17th, 2019. Berlin, Germany.


Out now on Archivio Diafonico:


A∂14 – Шуга – Ш


A∂15 – FALSE MONIKER – Amidst The Statues




Each release is limited to 50 copies. More infos on the Catalogue page.

Samples are available on the Soundcloud page.

Orders can be placed via BigcartelDigital files and distro items are available too.

Please get in touch for multiple orders, distro purchases or problems with shippings and any other inquiry.

Updates on social page.

Coming next:

A∂ Photographic Zine and new releases in Spring.


December 17th, 2018. Berlin, Germany.

Back from a long and still lasting holiday.



A∂14 – Шуга – Ш(C25)

A∂15 – FALSE MONIKER – Amidst The Statues (C20)

A∂16 – FOREST MANAGEMENT – Luzern (S-Sided C60)


Tapes will be available starting by the end of January 2019.


Meanwhile, Sold Out releases from 2014 on are now available in the Shop, in digital format. At least until new releases are out.

Please contact via mail for any inquiry.