Cendrier Du Voyage

C60 – Sold out

« Dominated by stone, mountain, farm implements and fire, the geography is cruel, built of the barest materials, and human presence can never be taken for granted in it. It must be won. Generated by a desire to join what forbids him a place and to find a dwelling within it, the Dupin poem is always on the other side: the limit of the human step, the fruit of a terrestrial harrowing.
The strength that Dupin speaks of is not the strength of transcendence, but of immanence and realization. The gods have vanished, and there can be no question of pretending to recover the divine logos. »
So was writing Paul Auster about the poems of Jacques Dupin (1927-2012) whose imprint on Tourette’s work has never be so closely entangled than in the present album, « Cendrier du voyage » – the ashtray of the journey – also the title of his first collection of poems, published in 1950.

Rough and lyric material, ranging from raw cut-up textures to harsher breaks of noise.

Originally released on Foyer Second in 2013 on cassette.
Reissued by Archivio Diafonico in 2015.