Campo Catodico

C22 – Sold out

70fps is the moniker for an expanded cinema project, started in Naples (IT) in 2011: coming originally from an interest in super8 film-making, the work of Andrea Saggiomo developed as an experiment concerning light and projection, which eventually became both a visual and auditory experience.Working with amplified super8 projectors, prepared films, selfmade and hacked video and audio devices, the experiment expands to create a transmedial and synchronized core of sound and film feedbacks, interacting in the spirit of electroacoustic improvisation, harsh noise and expanded cinema.#Campo Catodico (Cathodic Field) is the first audio-only release from this artist, or more exactly the first release in which the visual and projective dimension, strongly involved in the composition, is taken apart: the inextricable chain of references and two-ways signals between devices generates an ideal space of cathodic energy, filled with electric frequencies and mutual coexistence of light and sound.